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  •  Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Virtual Private Server

    Workload, affordability, OS, data protection policies are few attributes, among many others, that would help you to settle with the best VPS provider. The list is will help to make an informed decision.   Read More 

  •  How cloud Technology is Giving a Flying Start to Start-up

    Money is the primary concern for the start-ups. For a better take off, learn how the cloud technologies bring optimum solutions for the companies, without compromising on the output.    Read More 

  •  Top 11 Benefits Of Using Virtual Private Server in Linux Environment

    The open-source Linux platform is the first choice for VPS, for many of our customers. Why? Well, it comes with unique benefits, including stability, direct root access, and much more.   Read More 

  •  Top 10 Best Web Panel for Linux VPS and Server

    Web panels are interfaces provided by your web host to access your hosted server along with other services. There are many web panels for Linux VPS and server in the market. Know the features of the popular web panels to see how they fit into your requirements.  Read More 

  •  Top 10 Best Web Panel for Windows VPS and Server

    To access your Windows VPS and servers, you would need a Web panel. And not just any web-panel, as your choice will significantly affect the performance of your website.  Read More 

  •  Linux Server vs. Windows Server: A Comprehensive Comparison

    Linux Vs. Windows is an age-old topic of discussion. However, the decision is relatively straightforward when factors such as cost, software support, functionality, are taken into careful consideration.  Read More 

  •  A Guide On Windows Server - Its Types and Features

    Windows Server is a different line of Windows operating system which has more robust capabilities than the one on your personal computer systems. They allow complex computational processes, store large volumes of data, and supports high-end applications.     Read More 

  •  A Step by Step Guide on How to Create VPS

    Although the VPS host companies have experts to create a virtual private space, customized as per your business needs, it is always useful to understand the process. This blog lists out all the steps involved in the creation of VPS.  Read More 

  •  How To Set Up A Dedicated Gaming Server

    With a growth rate of 42 percent, the global cloud market is expected to reach the mark of US$740 million by 2025. Commercialization of 5G, the rise in the number of gamers, the rise of immersive and competitive gaming on mobile is believed to be the major factors supporting this growth.   Read More 

  •  The A-Z of Data Centers

    All the magic of cloud computing happens at the data centers. There is so much to know how these houses of computing servers bring efficiency and power of cloud technologies for the advancement of your business functionalities.   Read More 

  •  Top 7 Features of An Efficient Forex Server

    Forex trading requires really fast processing of complex numbers and need high-end security of the data. For the purpose, Forex servers must possess some critical characteristics for reliable business processing.   Read More 

  •  Types of Linux servers and its features

    Linux is a powerful platform. Using it for your server requirements provides you an extra edge of security and capabilities. There are various variants in the market, including popular CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, and more.   Read More 

  •  Advantages of Windows Dedicated Server over Linux Dedicated Server

    Windows versus Linux discussion continues to exist in the field of the dedicated server as well. Fans of Windows OS have some valid points that show Windows dedicates servers have a little upper hand over its counterpart.   Read More 

  •  Windows VPS Hosting - Everything You Need to Know

    Windows VPS hosting is cost-effective and provides more control to the user. There is more to it. This blog tries to cover all the facts about having a Windows VPS hosting. More information will help with a more informed decision.   Read More 

  •  Tally ERP Software on Virtual Private Server

    Tally is a widely used, robust ERP software. The cloud services offer Tally under Software As A Service (SAAS), and this can be a cost-effective solution for the small and medium scale enterprises. It is because Tally over cloud provides real-time computations, anywhere accessibility, scalable approach, and flexible storage capacity.   Read More 

  •  Reasons to use Forex Apps on Virtual Machines

    Hosting your Forex trading software on Virtual Machine over the cloud provides you the best features of dedicated and shared hosting. The hosting is fail-safe, secure, malware safe, and much more.   Read More 

  •  Comparison between Dedicated Server and Virtual Machine

    With differences in their cloud settings, dedicated servers and virtual machines vary in cost, security, scalability, accessibility, and performance; whichever suits your business depends on the factors mentioned earlier.   Read More 

  •  A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications. Used by 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies, Virtual desktops with Azure provide desktop and app virtualization, with a pool of benefits and features to multiple user sessions.   Read More 

  •  How to Choose a Hosting Server for a Client

    In a world progressively directed by innovation, everybody knows that websites are basic for any digital business' progress. It's also the most proficient method for sharing and connecting   Read More 

  •  What inventory management is all about?

    Inventory represents the major portion of the total current assets of most of the business enterprises. So it is important to manage inventory efficiently.   Read More 

  •  Benefits Of HRM

    HRM is a process having to do with estimating manpower requirement, recruitment & selection, training & development, compensation, retention, performance evaluation of an employee within an organization.   Read More 

  •  Employee Engagement: An Effective HR Strategy

    Employee engagement is said to be implemented in an organization when an employee is self motivated and positively engaged to his or her work, which can also influence his or her colleagues, superiors, subordinates and others who are working with an organization to achieve the organizational goals efficiently and effectively.   Read More 

  •  Which type of project can be handled by ProjectCafe

    There is almost all kind of projects which can be managed efficiently by Project Café, whether it is a large or small project. This flexibility can be realized since Project Café manages Human Resource, Equipment, Material and Expenses at task level which   Read More 

  •  HR Managers’ approach towards grievance Handling

    Lot of people has different personality and they behave accordingly, here I am discussing few of the personalities of HR Managers towards grievance handling.   Read More 

  •  7 Things To Consider For Employee’s Best Productivity.

    This is often said and deeply felt that increasing employee’s productivity may result in good growth of company but it is difficult to make it happen. Here I have tried to state 7 points which help in increasing your employee productivity.    Read More 

  •  Top 5 Mistakes that HR Manager Makes.

    HR department is most complicated as compared to other as it does not have surety of defined rules of job to be performed correctly and it has to deal with humans who behave differently in same situations due to lot of reasons   Read More 

  •  How to Grow Your Business With Competition?

    It is the most important question for every entrepreneur and they are looking for its solution all around the globe, sometimes solution comes from neighboring environment, sometimes from the competitor itself.   Read More 

  •  What Human Resource Management Is All About?

    Identifying the real work of HR Manager is sometimes difficult as it has to correspond with lot of people in the organization and is involved in various activities, from top level to lower level and mostly crowded at middle level. Let us see if we can bring out some of the points which HR manager performs in their professional life.   Read More 

  •  How To Reduce Paper Work for HR Manager?

    It is a kind of problem and workload that every HR manager feels where he/she has to manage lot of employee records and documents. Here we are trying to discuss some of the points which can help HR Manager to reduce some of his paper work.   Read More 

  •  Software for Supervisors & HR Managers for Keeping Employees and Workers Records

    This is an interesting aspect and a difficult research to carry out, for a supervisor. The needs might be similar for a Supervisor and a HR Manager but their approach and working style may differ in lot of aspects.   Read More 

  •  Know Your Software Products Before Developing It

    What is a software product? This article will help you in articulating your strategy for software development; the points mentioned will tickle your brain again and again when you will be trying to make your software products or applications.   Read More 

  •  Do Customers Buy Software or Feature Set

    This is the question which comes to the mind of both, the Customer and the software Vendor, only difference is, Vendor has to analyze it a lot while customer does it instinctively.    Read More 

  •  Are You Investing in Project Management Software?

    In today’s globalised economy and world being transforming into a local village, there is visible commercialization of almost everything and commercialization simply means more of profits and flow of money.   Read More 

  •  Case Study on Need of Integrated HRIS Software

    Kalosoft Small business software author team decided to take on this topic after getting feedback from one the prospective client. Let me give you an insight of the scenario. This may be the case with your organization or business. The prospective client wanted to automate the work of its HR department. Presently, they are handling their offices at multiple locations, each of which has its own HR department and people.   Read More 

  •  Effective Inventory Control through Transportation Problem

    Those who deal with inventory or supply chain management must be aware about the transportation problem and need of minimizing the transportation cost, which is the essential part of inventory control system.   Read More 

  •  Different Personalities of Project Manager

    It is interesting to read and feel this topic if you, yourself is a project manager and else, it is always good to know the personality of your project manager. It is very important to understand these personalities as this gives you understanding and provide you with the information about the gaps which are to be filled in your own personality or improve certain things which you considered missing.   Read More 

  •  How to become a Project Manager

    This is an interesting question and asked by lot of fresher on job, team members and team leaders. Here I would like to state a 360 degree view about this question; some views are for you while some are not for you. So choose wisely that suits you best. I would explain some of the points which may lead you to become a project manager or at least after reading this you will be able to do your self assessment and will be able to fill the gap.   Read More 

  •  What Does HR Personnel Exactly Do?

    You Must have heard some wise people saying : “some people should not be confined with a designation”. Well! I heard my director saying this often and he has a solid reason in support to this; when you designate a dynamic person, you make him feel like President of India – highest position yet limited power. In consequence, the one at loss is the business because much more can be obtained from such a person.   Read More 

  •  Research On What Matters Most for Project Managers

    In modern days’ time all things are changing fast, whether business, lifestyle, approach or even thinking. And the change is happening so fast that it sometimes becomes difficult to adopt and synchronize us with this fast moving world.   Read More 

  •  When Project Manager is Carried Away by Emotions

    This is the most prevailing situation but usually nobody talks about it or admit it. I will mention some of the situations when project manager has more emotions attached with project management tasks than necessary. This discussion can help, if you or people around you are facing such emotional situations.   Read More 

  •  Reasons for Project Management Software Failure

    There are many reasons which can be responsible for failure of project management software; the reasons can be internal & are in your control and they can be external reasons which are out of your control.   Read More 

  •  How to choose project management system based on latest trends

    These days of fast business growth and new products being entering into market every day, it becomes very difficult to make a choice of any product just by browsing the internet. There are few things which you can consider while choosing a product especially in terms of software as there is nothing you can touch and it’s difficult to analyze it completely in just a first look.   Read More 

  •  Meaning of Inventory Control System and Demand Analysis

    Before getting to the core topic, I would like to explain what Inventory Control System exactly is. Is it an old expression or the invention of modern world? Or should I put it as the mix of both, the system is old and the approach is new.   Read More 

  •  Important Functions of HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

    It’s a very interesting and backbone of any business as it’s the people who build the business and thus should be taken care of in well manner. First let us understand what we actually mean by HRIS and how it is derived.   Read More 

  •  HR software a Handy tool

    As observed, in practice, Human Resource Mangers really do not use software to manage their day to day tasks of documents, records, etc. Most probable reason would be that they don’t find software which seems useful & interesting or which would give them value or maybe the ones which seems useful, are very expensive.   Read More 

  •  Challenges of Inventory Management Software

    The word “Inventory management” looks very simple and easy to some people while very difficult and complex for few others. This thinking of people depends on the complexity & size of the business and the way they are managing the inventory.   Read More 

  •  Which is better – Windows or cloud based Project Management software

    People keep wondering over this question. But the answer to it cannot be one word. No one can say windows is better or one should go for cloud. There are many aspects to vote for the two.   Read More 

  •  Does Project Management Software help Project Managers

    This is the most debatable question in the minds of people who are managing the project or who are associated with it like Team leaders, skilled team members (Team Players), unskilled workforce, senior managers, sales and marketing, delivery managers and other company people.   Read More 

  •  Know the Basics of Project Management

    Believe it or not, management is omnipresent (Means, has presence everywhere around). The management lies in planning for next day school, attending a marriage in relations, preparing Indian food according to days of the week (since in India, non-veg is avoided on Tuesdays due to spiritual reasons),   Read More 

  •  How to manage inventory effectively

    The expansion period of any business is very critical. It is an accepted trend that there is a need of better business plans and decisions when your business is making a transition from an ordinary to extra-ordinary status.   Read More 

  •  Small Business Software- Myths and Realities

    The invention of computer and its increasing need led to the progression of software market. It was a primitive time when computer were on the table of the expert programmers and computer designers. From my decades, computer has become a utility tool of almost all tables. When it was for only experts, they can control them even at the chip or wire or diode level.   Read More 

  •  What can be considered as Small Business Software

    Hey people. So you landed with us. Great. And you are here because you wanted to know which software is exactly called a small business software.   Read More 

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