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Reasons to Use Forex Apps on Virtual Machines

Forex Application in the trading market is one of those softwares working on the heavy side, taking into account the global interest and usage in trading. Every second matters, safety must be high, backup constant, urgent and secure while everything should be accessible globally. One glitch can cost a lot of money.

So how do traders ensure the seamless running of these apps? Where do they set up base?

Forex Trading Application Software on Desktop

What is being essentially said is, these applications need a flexible environment. While forex applications can be desktop accessed software, it has its limitations like limited backup, manual working, constant vigilance, security, RAM, single interface and a few more. None of these is an affordable measure in the trading business. What is the solution?

Forex Trading Application software on Cloud

Cloud is the answer to the problems that stand between forex applications and desktop software. It is time to move forex applications to the cloud, a place where the application can have independent and dedicated features for a smooth processing of its overwhelming amount of data floe.

Virtual Machine is the Best Cloud Option

As virtual machines combine the best features of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, the forex trading applications can extract the most benefit in this hosting environment.

  • Testing made easy

Any app needs to be tested on various interfaces for compatibility which calls for transfer of files from device to device and simultaneous monitoring of each. Virtual machines reduce these extra steps.

Virtual machine is like an independent unit within the same server in a manner that the workings of one will not impact the other. This makes the testing of any forex trading application over various device interfaces and operating systems easier without affecting the host operating system of the server.

  • Malware Safety

Testing phase also includes the detection of any malware induced scripts in the application. Any damage to the system due to malware can be contained in the virtual machine without affecting the host server. Detection is one step closer to elimination further making the application safe to use.

Moreover, a new virtual machine can be created as the root access to the server is always available to the user.

  • Security

Apart from the system based benefits of a virtual machine, every service provider that hosts virtual machines for business like forex trading applications also provides security to ensure a great user experience.

Now the forex application has dual security, one provided by the server host company and another by virtual machine’s fail safe mechanism.

  • Fail Safe

In case a failure occurs in the forex application like virus, breakdown, lack of memory, backup malfunction or any other mishap, a virtual machine will make sure to keep the problem contained within the system just like a physical desktop saves the problem from spreading to other systems.

  • Snapshot feature

This brings up the next point, a vital one; the snapshot feature. This feature available in a virtual machine allows the user to save a particular stage of work in a manner that during any failure in the forex application or the virtual machine, the system can bounce back to any desired saved snapshot, as if nothing happened. Particularly useful for experimenting against malicious users or even bots.

If a forex trading application for any reason becomes a problem at any stage, the system can easily start over from the last saved snapshot. Not only restoration but correction and mid level changes are made simpler. Just retrieve the snapshot and get to work.

  • Backup

These snapshots make in-between desirable backups possible at the users command but a wholesome traditional backup facility is also available with every service provider that hosts these virtual machines for forex traders. This provides dual protection to the forex application and its users.

These backups can be automated or manual and allow the applications to create clones within the same system or a different one.

  • Automated Process

Gone offline? No problem! Power outage? System breakdown? These limitations are related to desktop software usage only. The very basic problem with a downloaded software in a physical system is that any problem causes the application to stop working. On the contrary, virtual machines allow the forex application to run seamlessly even when the system is turned off.

  • Accessibility

Most forex traders are stuck to their systems because of their application being desktop based. When a forex application is on a virtual machine, the cloud allows it to be accessed globally, required there exists an internet connection to operate it.

Added to automation of the trading process, easy availability ensures the seamless flow of work and reduces the risk of money loss that comes with the limitations of a system downloaded software.

  • Minimize Slippage

Trading is a sensitive business. Real time trading is crucial to the success of any forex application. If a trading command or order suffers lag or late execution, huge losses can occur. Many forex traders lose money due to slippage caused by RAM and disk space limitations among other reasons.

A forex application trader with the optimum RAM and disk space for their virtual machine will sail through the business with minimum slippage.


Every forex application encounters a large amount of traffic and transaction flow. When money is involved, reliability is directly related to growth. Hence, traders look to enhance user experience which depends on factors like security and real time experience.

To instil confidence, every trader looks for hosting options that will arm them with the ability to provide the best experience to their customers. Among other options , virtual machines have risen on top and stood the test of traffic to prove that the dual security and backup measures will help towards the goal and, accessibility and automation will simplify the user process.

In other words, virtual machines are equipped to prove themselves at every phase of a forex application, right from testing to launch and until its existence in the future.

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