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Windows Server 2012R2, 2016, 2019 (64 bit)

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    Datacenter - UK
  • CONLS200
  • CPU 4 Core
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Storage 200 GB SSD
  • 200 Mbit/s port
  • 32 TB Traffic (100 Mbit/s) Unlimited Incoming Traffic
  • Other Details  
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  •  Linux
    (USD 22/Month)
  •  WIndows
    (USD 34/Month)
  • Flag
    Datacenter - UK
  • CONLS400
  • CPU 6 Core
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Storage 400 GB SSD
  • 400 Mbit/s port
  • 32 TB Traffic (100 Mbit/s) Unlimited Incoming Traffic
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  •  Linux
    (USD 32/Month)
  •  WIndows
    (USD 56/Month)
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    Datacenter - UK
  • CONLS800
  • CPU 8 Core
  • RAM 30 GB
  • Storage 800 GB SSD
  • 600 Mbit/s port
  • 32 TB Traffic (100 Mbit/s) Unlimited Incoming Traffic
  • Other Details  
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  •  Linux
    (USD 44/Month)
  •  WIndows
    (USD 89/Month)
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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

England, Ireland, Wales and North Ireland, together form the United Kingdom. The economy of this region took a hit after World War II despite the victory and left the country into a fix that took about 40 years to emerge from. Today, the United Kingdom is the world’s 7th freest economy and Europe’s 3rd with a freedom score of 79.3.

The pandemic has brought the country to a sudden halt in 2020’s second quarter and post. The GDP decline was by 2.2% initially, then worsened 20.4% as the year went on. believed it to be the worst recession since World War II. Things are to pick up again in 2021 with a greater speed but the growth rate is suspected to suffer a decline as the demand of the public and buyer demands initially bounces back with fervour and then retreats to a normal pace, a slower one. According to the European Commission, the recovery by the end of 2022 will still be 5% lower than the last quarter of 2019.

Moreover, the contribution of the cloud computing market to the GDP is massive with the UK ranking 4th on the cloud computing scoreboard and ranking second after the U.S as the exporter of ICT services. IaaS among them is said to be leading the segment as larger businesses have looked favourably to cloud infrastructures in the UK. Post pandemic, small businesses have also sought out this solution, making the cloud computing market explode.

The UK is set to reach higher on the global cloud computing market as many businesses, Asian or from the United States, when looking to expand look favourably to the UK as their home base which gives a cloud boost to the region. London is the home to bases liked Amazon, Microsoft and more which attracts many other businesses to the region. This results in an increase in technological dependence and hence boosts the ICT sector of the UK.

The terrain for businesses is rapidly changing as the pandemic has forced the hand of even the most traditional organizations to adopt and trust technology as their partners. The Information and Communication Centre has benefited from the change of tide and has helped in keeping the economy running by fulfilling import and export cloud requirements. As the times normalize once again, the ICT sector is set to come out on top.

Why to Go for VPS Hosting

VPS is like a computer. It uses physical resources such as CPU, RAM, disk space to build a virtual computer space.

A VPS runs on its own copy of the operating system, and users are able to gain access to the operating system, so users can install any other software that they can run on that Operating System.

You can also run different software and applications using VPS.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) make it possible for website owners to have a higher level of control and privacy when compared with a shared server. They also give you more power and greater options for managing your systems.

With VPS hosting, you get root access for configuring and making any type of changes to your hosting environment.

Root access is not assured with other systems like a shared hosting plan. If you have a technical understanding or foresee hiring web developers in the future, the root access will allow you to configure your VPS the right way.

It is cheaper to own and maintain a VPS hosting than purchasing a dedicated server for your website.

It can host your website or application securely, control rises in traffic, and increase to accommodate your needs over time.

A popular alternative to VPS hosting for businesses and web owners is dedicated hosting, which does not need to be shared with other clients.

Dedicated hosting provides root access and configuration options for its users. With VPS hosting you get full customization options that come with a dedicated server but at a lower price for your business.

VPS performance is not affected even though it is being used by other customers' sharing servers. Whether it is CPU, memory, storage, or bandwidth, your VPS is less affected by other VPS users of your provider because your provider will dedicate a certain amount of resources just for your VPS.

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