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Tally ERP Software on Virtual Private Server

Know those jobs which deal in numbers? Is your job one of them? Any job, whether in the field of accounting or sales, needs a streamlined system to keep track of all the mind crunching number work professionals have to keep up with. While the person behind the job is self-sufficient, the same cannot be said for those who need to reference these number crunching matters without the knowledge or experience in the field.

This is where a smart software known as Tally ERP comes in. Not only does it manage inventory but also comes with tempting features that dissolve many hassles.

What is Tally ERP Software?

In Tally Solutions words, Tally.ERP 9 is an ‘accounting software’ made to accommodate the needs of small and medium businesses.

It is fitted with the ability to customise the software according to the management needs of a company, such that large amounts of control over the functionality can be executed. Additionally, the ability to perform functions that neutralize the hurdle called tax calculations makes Tally ERP desirable to the businesses. Let the system handle GST as the employees manage much crucial tasks.

The software can be used in a personalised manner or in units, respective to various departments of the company for inventories of sales, administration, payroll, costing, TDS and more.

Types of Tally ERP usage in an office environment

Clearly, every department in an office has its own functions and each needs to carry out their operations in a manner that increases efficiency. This might mean the workings of one unit might not streamline with the other.

For such cases, there are three possibilities in which a business handles their internal numbers and Tally ERP software is equipped to cater to each of them:

  • Independent Units work with their own Tally ERP software, in a customised setup, suitable to their demands. This is mostly useful for companies with various branches, each independent of the other or independent departments within the same company. For example, if each department handles their own inventory, this is the best solution.

  • Single Unit work can also be carried out on a Tally ERP software, where each department is on the same software, obviously accessible via cloud. Here, work is updated in real time and carried out simultaneously. Take for example the HR department that manages payroll, taxes and other matters.

  • Combination Units work on their own matters and each of their data is combined on a centralised system. In such a case, every unit makes updates to their individual section of the software which are combined to create a bigger database in a centralised Tally ERP. Think of a sales team where each salesperson makes their own update and the complete information is used to form a final result at the end of each month or year.

Reasons to move a Tally ERP Software on Cloud

Tally ERP software can be used in each type of unit within a business which translates to being used as a desktop application or as a cloud application. The question stands, which is better. The answer is a cloud, rather, an online server and these are the reasons why:

  • Real Time

    When the complete office works simultaneously, employees are not dependent on handovers to start their part of the job as everything is stored in real time and is made available at fingertips.

  • Accessibility

    This brings us to the next part, when an application or software is accessed online by a company, the hurdle of having to retrieve the backup or information from other systems is eliminated.

  • Storage

    A server has more capacity for storage than a physical system and can hold large amounts of backup. Furthermore, having Tally ERP on cloud will require less storage space compared to backing up on each desktop separately.

  • Scalability

    As the organization grows, having Tally ERP on a cloud server will help withstand the increasing load and large sizes of data pouring in without causing crashes.

In other words, having Tally ERP software on a cloud server makes it easier for any small or medium sized business to accommodate growth by streamlining their process, making it easily accessible in real time.

The final step of a full-fledged Tally ERP software usage is choosing a server for its cloud usage. There is the option of Shared Server which is cost efficient for a medium sized business but not independent or Dedicated Server with enough storage but not cost efficient.

A middle ground is needed and that is provided by Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Why VPS is the best suited option for Tally ERP Software

Virtual Private Servers are the best option for a business looking to move their Tally ERP software on cloud.

  • Saves cost while providing private cloud space for the software.

  • The shared physical resources will help in making the Tally ERP software accessible to each system within the company.

  • It has the storage bandwidth to accommodate growth.

  • All three types of Units mentioned above can work simultaneously due to multi-user access.

  • Independence of usage combined with accessibility increases efficiency.

  • Complete root access to the server is available.

  • Real time updates of the software made available to every user.

  • One-time, simple and centralised backup.

A small or medium business needs the best option in terms of scalability and cost while catering all the needs of a Tally ERP software user. VPS checks all the boxes and some more, proving it to be the best choice in the matter.


Tally ERP can accommodate various kinds of accounting data and diverse units of setup making it an ideal accounting software. Moreover efficiency increases if this life simplifying software can exclude hassle of multiple backups, data transfers and load crashing. Thanks to Virtual Private Server, it is made possible.

Tally ERP software makes accounting life painless; add cloud based access via Virtual Private Server to it and the hard work almost seems effortless. Needless to say, any business that makes this choice is well equipped for success.

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