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Advantages of Windows Dedicated Server over Linux Dedicated Server

Every organization looks forward to an exponential growth which would essentially need expanding infrastructure. The server hosting these large infrastructures must have the bandwidth to accommodate the overwhelming amount of traffic and data pouring in without a glitch. This is where the Windows Dedicated Server comes in.

To begin with, there are three kinds of server options; Shared Server, as the name suggests is a sharing of resources both physical and virtual. Virtual Private Server is a sharing of physical resources with private virtual spaces within the same server and finally, Dedicated Server is the allotment of a single server to a single user along with all its resources, both physical and virtual.

Needless to say, Dedicated Servers have been the popular choice for the freedom it provides a business to stretch its legs. There are many more advantages to the use of Dedicated Servers like scalability, elimination of lag, flexibility of installations and an ability to cope with growth spikes.

But choosing a server isn’t enough. Choosing an Operating System (OS) is equally vital as it determines seamless flow between the user hired server and the user operated system. And as per common knowledge, most user operated systems are powered by Windows. There is one simple reason for this popularity; it removes the hassle of having to learn background functions while providing seamless work ability and large amounts of control.

Overall, Windows is much more robust than Linux and these are some of the qualities that make it so:

  1. 1.Compatibility

    Linux is an open source software which allows a large amount of control over customization to the operator but it also requires good knowledge of backend workings. Most users are already adept in the use of Windows and tackling the switch to Linux is not only a challenge for them but also a compatibility issue for their systems which have inbuilt Windows software. A Linux server to Windows system will always require an extra step, the use of Windows emulator, to create compatibility.

    On the other hand, the use of Windows Dedicated Server will be an easy job as the data harmonious to Windows OS will easily shift into a Windows based storage and vice versa, can be retrieved easily. It also saves the time and energy, of any business or individual, which would be lost in, learning how to switch between the two OS or, having to do so often.

  2. 2.Customer Support

    Windows is straight up backed and supported by one of the biggest software companies, Microsoft whereas Linux, being open and free-to-use software, does not have similar backing.

    Linux users have to be well learned to solve any issue or have to hunt through the crowdsourced help on the web. While the help is plenty, it does not instill confidence, nor does it seem reliable since the source is not always authenticated. That being said, the name Microsoft, being a giant player on the scene and having monetary value involved is more credible and bound to provide more than necessary support to a user.

  3. 3.Easy to Use

    Familiarity with Windows is the biggest deciding factor for most users in opting for Windows Dedicated Server. For example, the simple drop down menu options are much easier to use in comparison to Linux’s cPanel which will always require a new user loads of help before they can get anywhere.

    In comparison, a Windows software already has systems and options in place, for the user to choose from, for every task. This decrease in the requirement for specialised learning also works in Windows’ favor.

  4. 4.Frameworks

    If you want to run PHP and MySQL, Linux is the answer. The recommendation to use Windows Dedicated Server comes in when a user wants to work with MS SQL and Microsoft Access. Moreover, scripts developed via Windows based framework like ASP and ASP. Net will immaculately flow on Windows OS compared to the additional layer of work that will be required to run them on Linux based systems.

  5. 5.Security

    Security is a major issue for any operating system. More popular the script, more prone to threats it is. Thus, every end operator needs a solid security in place to save and protect their information. As an open platform, Linux needs all the grind from a user to create security measures like firewall or install an Linux based anti-malware program while Windows has these features, hand made and ready to serve by Microsoft. One less hassle is one more point to Windows Dedicated Server.

  6. 6.Updates

    Updating the software is necessary for it to be compatible with the latest releases and to ensure a smooth workflow. An update in Linux as a line-command software requires some mind crunching dedication and some help from online friends whereas Windows’ updates are a one-click operation from start to end.

Who can use Linux?

Linux is a free software with loose ends that require an expert’s brain to customize it into a desirable end product. Linux based scripts are written in the basic framework of MySQL and PHP of which most commonly used sites are made. There is more breathing room with a wide range of choices of what one can build upon in Linux.

Linux has been used for the longest time and is considered much easier to work on if you are well versed in cPanel but in the end, you are all on your own in terms of privacy, installation and updates.

Clearly, Linux is best for people with in-depth knowledge of an operating system which allows more freedom of choice but Windows has leveled the playing field by normalizing operating systems with a user friendly interface. A user with Windows Dedicated Server has a ready to use platter and can immediately start working without having to worry about bridging the gap between the system and server.

In the end, the decision to choose an operating system depends on which of the two options, Linux or Windows, is scalable and provides freedom of growth to the customer. In the current web market scenario, the advantages of Windows based Dedicated Server outweigh Linux based software by a margin called security, support and compatibility.

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