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Trial & Service FAQs (23)

You can purchase our backup plans which will be attached to your VPS and it will work with FTP. This makes it possible for you to have a reliable backup as part of your package.
We are responsible for the faults at our hardware and infrastructure level, but if it’s a natural disaster we are not responsible as we don’t have control over that.
You can choose a trial plan or simply buy a plan on our website.
At the moment, we only offer unmanaged VPS.
With our VPS your whole server is virtualized within a box and if hardware fails, there are other hardware to serve as back up so there should be no downtime.
Yes, you can order cPanel and other panels as well along with your VPS.
Yes, the cPanel is free.
Your VPS comes with one IP address part of your package but you can add more on request for a small fee.
Yes, with shell access you can easily do this on your own.
Fully managed VPS is where the provider manages the updates of antiviruses and other utilities.
Yes, all our VPS services come with a dedicated IP address.
You will get the RDP access on the trial version.
Yes, you can resell your VPS hosting. Each VPS server cPanel and WHM are set-up and installed and this enables you to create as many web accounts as you need to.
We have several data centers in Nuremberg, Munich, Germany, and St.Louis USA. So your server can be hosted from any of these locations.
Yes, we have a range of cloud products that will take care of your changing needs.
We can assure you of increased security, improved reliability, ease of use, and lower total cost.
The trial version of the server has all the features of the paid version, so you get to see everything before you make a commitment.
We use Hyper and VM ware. With these, you can rest assured of more reliability and security.
We will send you the billing reminders, prior to expiry so your account can keep running smoothly.
We keep your data for a maximum period of 1 week after expiry so you have ample time to retrieve it.
You have a choice to go with the auto-renewal option, but we don't place you on it automatically. .
No, your VPS package does not include a domain name or email services.
If you prefer not to use the cPanel, you can reach out to our support team and they'll gladly help you with that.

Support & Team FAQs (10)

You can reach our support through the phone using +91 905 812 8399 (Mon-Sat, IST 10 AM - 5 PM) or by sending an email to help@oxtrys.com where we offer 24/7 support.
Yes, our engineers are always available round the clock to take care of any challenge that comes up.
We are committed to giving the best support to our customers. You would typically get a reply within minutes unless it’s a technical problem where technicians need to get involved, then that would take a bit longer depending on the nature of the issue.
We work globally and have customers from different countries, so far we have served more than 3000 customers and still counting.
There is no long term contract, so you can leave the service after 1 month, you can also opt for our trial plans before making the purchase. Or you can choose to pay as you go.
Client information is protected by our customer protection policy so we can't share that information.
Yes, we are always available to render assistance whenever necessary.
If you want to refer a friend, simply send them over to our website and we'll take it from there.
On smaller plans, it will take 1 to 2 hours maximum and for larger plans, it can take from 10 to 24 hours.

User Account & Technical FAQs (32)

Yes, we own all our hardware and they are fully managed by us.
Our shared VPS has a limited number of customers so it would not affect any customer performance.
You can easily scale up from the same technology and server types. You can reach out to our customer support for proper guidance.
No, we do not provide domains or Add-on domains.
Yes, you can change it but you have to reach out to our support team to guide you through the process.
System password needs to be kept safe, but in case you forget your password, you would need to reach out to us via email to set a new password for your system.
To update your account information, you need to log in first and head over to the “My Account” section.
Yes, you can upgrade your account at any point should the need arise.
We have the configuration requirement listed on our website. You can visit our website to explore different configuration plans that suit your need.
VPN comes with all our VPS plans, so you don't have to worry about that.
Yes, every VPS we provide has a unique IP address through which it can be traced.
VPS is an online PC where you can host your applications and websites. That way your data and all other sensitive information stats safe and readily available at any time.
Scalability increases the capacity of your chosen package. You can scale from our small 100 GB plans in VPS to 1600 GB plans and if you need more resources you can choose our dedicated server plans.
To get started with VPS hosting, you can opt for a plan that suits your needs from our packages.
Yes, we offer VPS with root access.
Yes, you can and we can help you get it done seamlessly.
No. This option is not provided with cloud VPS services.
Any content except, sexual, pornographic, copyrighted, and other illegal contents are not allowed. You are also not supposed to place any SPAM content on your VPS.
Most of the applications, registered users can run a number of standard and commercial applications successfully and effortlessly. However, direct access to the hardware is not available in VPS.
Yes, you can ask us to add panels, IPS, etc. as your business needs grow and changes, you can use remote desktop access to manage your VPS. Software or data can also be added or deleted from your VPS.
You can restart the VPS but cannot start or stop the VPS
With a managed VPS hosting, server maintenance, and all the troubleshooting regarding the installation and setup security is covered, a ready-made set up of cPanel which is faster and easier to use is provided. While with an unmanaged VPS, the management of the server is not included. The provider is responsible for any kind of software upgrade or any kind of changes, problems, or development related issues.
VPS hosting is a physical server divided into multiple servers that each one could be used to host websites separately. A VPS is as good as having your own server because it has dedicated resources such as RAM and Disc storage, full root access of server, choice of OS, scalability, etc.
Using VPS keeps your website completely isolated from what other websites are doing on the same server. Your website as such is likely to remain unaffected in an event of other websites running additional traffic or some bad script.
VPS hosting is ideal for those looking to have their own server space and resources at an economic cost.
No, VPS does not require too much technical knowledge and can be user friendly.
Yes, you can install almost any software product you want, however you would need to consider the physical limitations (disk space, RAM, CPU) of your VPS package.
Yes, you can upgrade the VPS plan to a higher one anytime, your data will remain secure and intact.
Yes, it can be done but you need to reach out to our support team for proper guidance.
You can install forex apps for VPS like Meta Trader to get started.
To cancel your service, kindly send us an email. Even though we'll hate to see you go, we will walk you through the process.
Yes you can have multiple servers with one account.

Security & Privacy FAQs (9)

Yes, we offer the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and data protection policy to capture complex projects.
Our security policy is in compliance with required regulations. We offer DDOS protection at all our servers, and we also have a strict data protection policy, which can be made available at customer request.
We offer unmanaged VPS as such we do not provide SSL.
You can protect your VPS by backing up your data and never share your password with anyone.
You can ask us to add a backup plan to your VPS to enable you to backup your data and sensitive information.
Yes, we are fully aware of all the possible ways by which hackers can gain access to data on VPS and as such we have put in place all the necessary measures to forestall all hacking attempts.
Yes, this aims primarily to provide privacy and data integrity between two or more communicating computer applications.
No, we do not perform back up. However, we have restore points in the server which is done automatically.
Yes, we do a constant security check to forestall all forms of hacking and bridge of security.

Performance FAQs (5)

We provide 99% uptime and if any maintenance arises we will give you the prior notice in advance. So, you don’t have to worry about downtime.
Our servers are kept in a climate control environment with hardware from reliable companies and the internet lines are dedicated to our data center.
Yes, there is a tiny downtime but just enough to allow our engineers to carry out the upgrade.
With VPS hosting you have much more control over the software that your server is running. Typically, the only limits placed upon the software you can run are the operating system the server runs on and your total memory allocation.

Expenses & Refund FAQs (6)

There are no installation fees for the mentioned plan unless you have a unique request then we can always arrange something suitable.
We provide a 15 days money-back guarantee from the day of making your purchase.
Yes, different offers are floated at different times for new purchases and you can always check out our offers before making a purchase.
You get all the features of a dedicated server to work virtually online with less price.
You need to discuss with us first before you can opt for that choice.

Decision Making FAQs (8)

The best plan depends on your personal requirements but you can always reach out to our support for guidance if you are not sure.
It depends upon your technical skills and the technology you used for building your applications or websites.
With a VPS you get a virtual online PC and with shared hosting, you get a webspace to host your website.
Although there are lots of similarities between dedicated server and VPS, as they both offer increased control over your hosting environment. They also have their differences. The VPS can be said to be a light version of a virtual dedicated server. It is set up like a shared plan but behaves like a dedicated server.
Yes, it is easy to use. If you can operate a computer, then you can use a VPS too.
The pros of VPS are numerous, better uptime, high availability, better performance, scalability, and flexibility, rapid deployment, etc. Perhaps one of the few significant drawbacks that may make site owners hesitate to switch to the cloud is the price.
Several factors come into play when selecting the right VPS hosting service. The idea that the most expensive server is the best option does not hold true. To choose a VPS, you should consider the number of resources you require, the RAM (if you are going to have numerous projects running at several times, you’ll definitely need more RAM ), the choice of OS, Root access, Customer support, etc before making your choice. Read more about this in more details in our knowledge center
We have robust technology and infrastructure with highly qualified engineers to cater to your needs.

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Germany (Europe) Serving the EU countries from our German datacenter gives great benefits of minimum latency and cost-effective solutions.

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USA (United States of America) (Middle – St. Louis (Missouri), East – New York, West - Seattle (Washington DC)) America & Latin America can take advantage of our fast USA datacenter to deploy their applications and websites.

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Portsmouth, England (United Kingdom) It serves all United Kingdom customers with great satisfaction, very robust infrastructure to handle the high-end traffic.

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Singapore (Asia) Serving the Asia continent with our Singapore give us immense pleasure to see our customers succeed in their cloud business which runs on Oxtrys platforms.

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This datacenter is built for Australia and Oceanic country users who wish to have their servers close to their business location so they can avoid the latency and enjoy our world class datacenter services.

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Japan datacenter is built on high technology which gives its users with fast connectivity and low latency. The hardware used in SSD drives with top notch Xeon processor, must choice if you reside in Japan or close to it.

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