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Windows VPS India

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Windows Server 2016, 2019, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian (64 bit)

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    Datacenter - Singapore
  • CONWS200
  • CPU 4 Core
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Storage 200 GB SSD
  • 200 Mbit/s port
  • 32 TB Traffic (100 Mbit/s) Unlimited Incoming Traffic
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    (USD 39/Month)
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    Datacenter - Singapore
  • CONWS400
  • CPU 6 Core
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Storage 400 GB SSD
  • 400 Mbit/s port
  • 32 TB Traffic (100 Mbit/s) Unlimited Incoming Traffic
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    (USD 64/Month)
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    Datacenter - Singapore
  • CONWS800
  • CPU 8 Core
  • RAM 30 GB
  • Storage 800 GB SSD
  • 600 Mbit/s port
  • 32 TB Traffic (100 Mbit/s) Unlimited Incoming Traffic
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    (USD 99/Month)
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Taj Mahal India

India is one of the most robust economies and growth rate in the past decades. However, the country is economically unfree. The slow but steadfast development has helped boost various areas of the economy post-independence. By focusing on the ‘Five Year Plan’ strategy, the country’s economy has been able to diversify over time. Agriculture is the primary industry with more than half the population as its workforce. But the diversification brought about by reforms over the years has reduced agriculture’s GDP contribution to one fifth.

Manufacturing is another major revenue generator. With unprecedented growth, trade and finance have also joined the line of primary industries. In the last few years, the country is opening up to investment and business to encourage start-up culture and self-sufficiency as was the initial goal. But every aspect of the economy from household economies to national revenue has come to a standstill due to the pandemic. Budding businesses have been hit harder and the impact on the informal economy is still hard to access despite the IMF prediction of 11.5% growth by 2022 but not before a further retraction of 10.3%, expects Economic Freedom Index of 2021.

The growth graph may look like a ‘V’ with a sharp pandemic caused decline and high consumer demand thereafter. This trend will only lead to another sharp decline as consumer demands subside into normalcy and the requirements for government intervention to recover the economy becomes pressing. Fiscal Deficit, slow investment growth, lower employment and increasing inflation; these aspects of the slowing economy have already needed attention before 2020 but the arrival of the pandemic has forced urgent attention towards these issues. With a 60% contribution to the GDP, the service sector is asking for immediate attention.

The overall performance within the sector has been mixed with tourism suffering the worst impact and Information Technology flourishing under the high demand for services in the global market. Indian IT industry has always been competitively well served and effective which has made it a global rising favourite in the outsourcing market. The high usage of the internet and its services has led to NOFN’s new proposition to arm village councils with fibre optical services. On top of that, the pandemic year created a great market opportunity for remote services which opened the market potential for the IT sector. The industry added $4 billion in 2020 alone, reports Business Today.

Conclusively, the ongoing IT growth in India has exploded beyond belief in the pandemic year as the sector reached out to fill the gaps in the work culture that struggled to adapt to the new challenges. Indian economy from here on is only expected to grow and recover better in the coming years.

Why to Choose Our Windows VPS India

A virtual private server is a server with its own operating system, disk space, and bandwidth. A virtual private server (VPS) is a shared hosting platform that offers its users more freedom and flexibility.

In comparison to shared hosting or dedicated servers, windows virtual private servers have quite a number of uses, which include:

Dedicated Resources for users

Dedicated servers and virtual private servers are similar. All of the data of your VPS is dedicated entirely to you.

Also, the size of RAM and CPU available on a Windows VPS is much more than what you can get from shared hosting. The memory allocated to you can’t be accessed by another website that you share the server with, thereby providing stability for its bandwidth.

A Windows VPS makes it possible for you to control more traffic while running an increased number of apps without spending more when compared to the dedicated server.

Improved Performance

Windows VPS in India gives you high-level server resources, so you can always expect the same level of high performance just like that of a dedicated server.

It improves the processing power on a user's browsers, which results in higher levels of engagement, improved conversion rates, and an increase in your SERP ranking.

Easy Scalability

Due to the features of these types of servers, it is easy and quick to increase your scalability at the time it is necessary for your website.

And if you do not need the space provided, it can be reduced to suit your needs. You do not have to pay for excessive resources you do not need.

Our Windows VPS India Benefits

Windows VPS is a virtual private server that permits you to store information and use resources without making them accessible to various customers.

There are different types of web hosting and each one is suited for a particular purpose.

The web hosting could be a shared, dedicated or virtual private server. Using a virtual private server for your website comes with some advantages.

Some of these benefits include the following:

  • A Windows VPS hosting in India account is more cost-effective than a fully dedicated hosting plan that uses a physical server. It can increase output by increasing expenses.

  • Many Windows VPS India plans can be specially made to meet your needs so you pay for what you want but you do not need to deal with any features you will never need.

  • Many Windows VPS hosting India plans are easily scalable. You can start in your virtual environment with the minimum amount of resources you need and as you grow gradually, you can increase your hosting plan to accommodate your needs.

  • Windows Virtual servers offer users more control with the features it has and this puts it ahead of shared hosting. You have root access that may not be allowed in the shared hosting environment.

  • There are two options with the virtual server that you can choose from. The first one allows for some level of maintenance by the web host while the second option where the entire service is managed for you.

  • A Windows VPS can also serve as a backup server for your website. If you ever encounter problems with your website and need to fall back to your backup, you can be sure your virtual private server will help you restore any lost data.

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Oxtrys is fast, very reliable, and secure. However, experience teaches best. Why not take the step and book a trial? The trial is of 3 days and it costs only 300 INR or 5 USD.

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Free trial periods are often limited. Some hosting providers give you three to seven days to test out a VPS and sometimes, as little as a day. You will find out first hand that our bandwidth, access to servers, and streaming features are top-notch as you get to try out our services completely.

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Germany (Europe) Serving the EU countries from our German datacenter gives great benefits of minimum latency and cost-effective solutions.

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Portsmouth, England (United Kingdom) It serves all United Kingdom customers with great satisfaction, very robust infrastructure to handle the high-end traffic.

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Singapore (Asia) Serving the Asia continent with our Singapore give us immense pleasure to see our customers succeed in their cloud business which runs on Oxtrys platforms.

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This datacenter is built for Australia and Oceanic country users who wish to have their servers close to their business location so they can avoid the latency and enjoy our world class datacenter services.

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Japan datacenter is built on high technology which gives its users with fast connectivity and low latency. The hardware used in SSD drives with top notch Xeon processor, must choice if you reside in Japan or close to it.

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