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Dedicated Server Benefits Over A Virtual Server

Types of Server

In order to understand the dedicated server's advantage over employing a virtual machine, we first need to understand the definition of a dedicated server.

DEDICATED SERVER: As its name is, so is the server, dedicated to one single client at a time. The entire galore of resources can be accessed by the client through the physical server. It is inclusive of storage, memory, processing speed etc.

Now, let's understand how it is a costly, less popular yet one of the most beneficial servers techies can ever have their hands on!


  1. RESOURCES ACCESSIBILITY: The very first and foremost reason why it is rare and famous in because it lets you access the absolute capacity of resources. Howsoever good a virtual machine may be but it can never compete with the excellence of dedicated server's speed, memory, power of CPU, hardware factors etc.

  2. SECURITY FACTOR: When you employ a dedicated server, you know the zenith of safety that you are at! Virtual machines can never provide you such safe work environment virtually. There can be unsafe things like malware hindrance etc on a virtual machine. But when there's just one individual using the system and resources, chances are least that any such attacks shall take place on a dedicated server. No alien usage is instrumental on such a server. But with a virtual machine, there are several people who operate the same on a shared basis. Ahead of that, it lets you have a managerial control on the installation of software and other virtual extensions beneficial for you. This allows you to avoid any maliciousness that may venture in if you do not have such access.

  3. SPEED FACTOR: When we talk of a dedicated environment, we understand by its very name, the kind of dedicated speed it will provide. In such a server, you do not have many people using it at one go, hence zero latency is expected in the data processing. This lets you have faster access and hence allows you to serve better to your customers. Big companies generally prefer this owing to such benefits. Undoubtedly their goodwill and virtual market standing shows up as well.

  4. CUSTOM-TAILORED SERVER: It lets you hold a configuration according to your own needs, unlike a virtual machine. Undoubtedly, there are a zillion configuration settings for a virtual machine server, but the question is-" can you use them?" You cannot have a sole decision making power in a virtual environment hampering the interests of other clients of the virtual machine. Also, a VPS isn't capacitive enough to accommodate large scale software. While on the other hand, a dedicated server lets you do it all and is capable enough to accommodate the same. Which is the better deal, you decide owing to the size of business you are into.

    Dedicated server vs VPS

  5. MANAGERIAL BENEFITS: For any needs like maintenance of site etc, a dedicated server is the best thing you will ever come across. When you are the single person using and managing the server, you know there's no chance of delay to reach out to your real issue. Also, the server techies do not have to cross multiple layers of data streams to reach out to you. Ahead of that, it provides the technicians with a sense of autonomy in operation, unlike a virtual machine. When there's no other client hindering the course of techies, they are able to explore a plethora of solutions for you.

  6. BIG BUSINESS FIRMS: Dedicated servers are the best big business firms can avail! When you are operating a small scale business, a virtual machine can be enough, but if it's a big enterprise that you are managing, then a dedicated server is the utmost helpful. It lets you process data with an amazing pace and allows you to serve your clients without latency in real-time which in turn lets you have better traffic on your site.

  7. COMPLETE UTILITY: What you pay, that you avail! Yes, in case of a dedicated server, you pay enough, and you can access the resources fully but in a virtual machine, you pay a portion, yet you have to go through so many adjustments while in operation. In short, one can say that at times you may get service quality much more than you have paid while at others you may not even get the quality that you deserve. So, it's always a 50-50 probability. So, that way it's better to have a dedicated server which lets you utilise fully the resources that you have paid for.

Here, we listed some of the many benefits that one enjoys when having a dedicated server as compared to a virtual machine.

Choose wisely, choose the best!

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