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Dedicated Server

In order to choose the better server, we first need to have a sound understanding of the concepts behind virtual private server and dedicated servers.

Virtual Private Server: It is often known with its abbreviated version called VPS. A VPS is a private server which is responsible for hosting the information of many individuals on one single system. It employs a hypervisor for separation. It gives an impression to all the clients as if they are working on different systems while on the contrary, the system is the same. It is an innovation meant to reduce the costs as well as efficient channelization of resources.

Dedicated Server: As the name suggests, a dedicated server is meant to serve one single person or client at one point of time. There's no other clientele channel using it at all. It works on a linear concept. The client has an access to all the available resourceful things that the server boasts off. For instance, network, storage, processing speed etc. No doubt it serves quality over quantity!

VPS & Dedicated server


It has often been noticed that a virtual private server is much more preferred over the dedicated one, even after the latter has a qualitative aspect backing it. Why so? We hereby list out the reasons for the same-

1) The Price Factor: The idea of server hosting on a virtual platform is quite cheaper than the dedicated server. It lets you operate with an economy of costs where the cost of hardware operation can be equally distributed on all the clients using the same. Not just for the server company but it is economical also for the clients. It doesn't seem like a burdening amount as a single client pays only a fractional amount of the whole cost. Ahead of that, the server lets them access all the resources available.

One the contrary, if we talk of the dedicated servers, it comes out as a costly affair to the user as there is zero economy of cost operation. According to a recent survey data, it was found that an ordinary performing dedicated server charges double the amount of what an average performing VPS charges.

2) SCALABILITY FACTOR: Undoubtedly, the virtual server is much more adaptive for scale as compared to a dedicated one. When the usage is minimal as the client puts to use only a fractional part of the resources in VPS, the resource allocation becomes quite easy. There is no need for any alteration in the hardware.

While on the other hand, if you see the dedicated server, it provides the user absolute control over the resources as well as the hardware. For expansion in the resource base, alteration is needed in the modules of a physical server. This makes the entire process of use quite a time taking and costly. Ahead of that, it needs you to have a cushion out of the usual course as it cannot be done too quickly.

3) RESOURCES: The most dominating reason that makes the dedicated server a choice for big companies is that they provide a galore of resources single-handedly while on a virtual private server they have to be shared. Still, this is preferred by many as it reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of resource use.

It is an open card that none of the private servers can perform with efficiency as that of a dedicated server in terms of memory, storage etc. But since a shared cost and server provides a good to go resourcefulness, people choose it over and over again.

4) SECURITY AND WORK ENVIRONMENT: A dedicated server allows you full access to resources and likewise you can make any alterations to it as your mind pleases. On the other hand, in a VPS hosting, you have to take care of the interests of other clients as well. You cannot make any alterations that may hamper the interest of other clients. This makes the hosting environment secure altogether. Also, it improves the fabric and quality of the server as no outside intrusion is allowed until consented by all.

5) THE COMPLIMENTARY COSTS: When you go for a dedicated server, and it's added factors like hardware alterations, you need to pay for technicians doing that too. It is not something one can easily do in the usual course. Also, if you have a small company or even a middle scale company, you may not even need such large scale resources, while you may end up paying much of your revenue in order to avail the dedicated server facility. So, there are many such complimentary costs that you will have to incur money on once you opt for it.

Dedicated Server


When choosing between a VPS and a dedicated server, what companies usually tend to look for is their business scope in the years to come, the cost that they have to incur as the educated server is non-flexible in terms of cost whereas the VPS asks them to pay only for what they have used. And the most important factor is that when there are only small to medium level companies operating in a VPS then, it lets no malicious content come in from alien or international sources whereas vice versa is the case in terms of a dedicated server.

Hence VPS proves to be a much more renowned and heavily used server as compared to a dedicated one!

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