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What if the internet goes off!!!

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The Internet, my fickle friend, my two-faced enemy, what would life be like without you? Where else can I be anonymously anyone and yet, have no anonymity at all? - Susan Schussler

Internet, the new virtual globe! Agree? The internet has become an inevitable part of our lives. The sooner we acknowledge the fact, the better off we are. We need it for everything, whether about you going to an alien place, accessing Google Maps, or trying to find candidates for your company! So, it has become a melting point for social utility. Also, this hasn't been a one-day process; instead, we have let it settle down so deep in our lives through a gradual process of independence, which has ironically made us much more dependent! The only difference is that we were dependent on the homo sapient relationship earlier, and now we are dependent on the vast web of online culture. But what if one day this INTERNET goes off? Ever thought about the same? How different would lives be?

Let's have a look at the same!

Education sector without the internet

Internet without Education

Educational Viability: The education sector has become rapidly adaptive to the virtual platform. And why not that be? Education is something that is the fundamental right of every human being. And Internet access makes it possible for everyone to overcome hurdles that stop them from realizing this right. It is the cheapest as well as an easily accessible way of self-educating. Also, there are no human bars and barriers, you can study any subject of any class, unlike the offline platform where students are taught according to their age group. But what if one day this web facility goes off? Its quite evident that the education sector will be the most severely affected area if there is no virtual access to the same. The conventional method of education is, no doubt, quite an impressive one as there is a face to face interaction. But if this new model isn't available, this will once again become a luxury than being a basic right for all. It is true, especially in the current scenario, where the world is witnessing a pandemic like COVID-19. It is the internet that has helped students by not let their study stooping down to a standstill. They are still studying through virtual classes. So, without it, the world is going to go centuries back.

Room for all: When we talk of virtual education, we know there is enough space for every student to get accommodated. It has changed the concept of education "being imparted" to education "being taken"! Students just have to go online from wherever they are, and there you are in your classroom. On the contrary, the conventional mode of education needed infrastructure for students to study. And owing to the level of poverty around the world, it is too dificult to provide the infrastructural facility for education to all. Hence, the internet lets students realize their dreams irrespective of the financial background or place they belong. Once you are in the virtual classroom, you are the same as others.

Interactive Session: All that glitters is not that gold, one of the famously quoted proverbs seem to hold here. Virtual learning may seem to be one elegant solution to all the problems, but honestly, it is not. There is zero human interaction, and when we talk about the development of children, human interaction is an inevitable must. An offline platform does not just educate them, but it develops them all round. It imparts them the ways of life; it makes them conquer stage fear; it lets them understand the importance of compromise and tolerance. So, if the internet goes off one day, it shall also prove to be a boon for the education sector. It will make students more of a human than just trying to be bots preparing to make money!

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Business and employment sector without the internet:

Global to Local: The current state of employment and business sector is based heavily on how the internet chooses to evolve. Even with one single change in the existing technology, the entire business concept, and scope changes. The current technology has shrunk down the business enough that local businessmen now hold a global outreach. One can have a deal with anyone across nations. It was never a possibility back then when there was zero virtuality possible. If there isn't internet outreach, then the companies will have to hurl endlessly to find the right candidate. Ahead of it, it will make the workers settle for the kind of conventional work available for them nearby. It will make the job seekers compromise with skillful dynamism, and it will make the employers compromise on the quality of their employees.

Marketing Concept to Seller concept: The internet facility earlier made the employment sector reach out to the zillions of customers, thereby changing the seller concept to the marketing concept. Customers no more had to buy what was being sold rather, they bought what they browsed as trending in the market. But if internet goes off for a day, it is going to narrow down the reach and diversification of the market. People may have to adjust to what is locally available. Dynamic and versatile business houses won't find a way out to sell their products.

Out of the cubicle: Not having an internet connection is a boon for cubicles shackled employees. Without an internet connection, they will be forced to reach out to people. There will be a drastic change seen in the current work culture. This change wave will be a blessing for an employee’s health and be great for his earlier mechanized brain.

Privacy And Security: If internet goes off, big business houses won't have to ponder upon ethical hackers for their cybersecurity purpose as, if nothing goes online, there won't be a security issue. With the passage of time and evolution of artificial intelligence, we are unable to choose whether having AI venture into our personal space a boon or a bane. Whichever of the two it is, it seems to robotize the human actions. With Siri and Alexa on our reflexes, we are not just snatching away enough employment but also making humanity mechanized. So, if there is no internet, it will be a great world with zero cybersecurity issues and absolute employment opportunities for the masses.

Human society without the internet

Artificial Intelligence: Human reflexes are something that is slowly being captured by the AI boom. The current society is becoming heavily dependent on Alexa and Siri's kind of robots who help them with anything and everything. This dependence lets humans interact the least. Experts also warn that it can cause a significant breach of personal data of individuals feeding any kind of document or information online. So, according to this observation, of course, we humans would be better off without internet.

Virtual to Real: According to experts, the virtual reality is more of a menace to human emotions than being an advantage for the same. Owing to some survey data, it is seen that the suicide rates are rapidly rising in society, as people tend to compare what they see online to what they have on real ground. This contrast makes them ambitious for what is artificial hence, leading them to a suicidal pathway. So, if the internet connection goes off, one will be able to sense and understand the nature and nearby humans more.

Communication Barrier: Today, when people live in diverse geographical locations to satisfy their career needs, the only way to reach out to family is through social platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. which is nowhere possible without having an active internet connection. Also, in today's time when the world faces social distancing norms due to coronavirus pandemic, the only way out is to go online. Whether it's about talking to family, reaching out to friends, or taking an online class, what has come to our rescue is, of course, the internet.

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Legal field without the internet:

Lack of evidence: Evidence gathering became one of the easiest tasks post the advent of the internet. Every individual seems to have a social profile these days. And it becomes quite easy to collect the evidence based on their social activity online. All that one does online, gets fed. The source code of the system, activity log, etc. makes it easy to access such information.

No Timely Judgement: It is an open card that having internet connection has made it rapid for courts to deliver judgments. The proofs and documents that were earlier brought or sent through individuals are now quickly sent through online platforms. This digital sharing makes the legal process hassle-free and makes courts deliver justice to parties within the least possible time frame. So, if the internet goes off, the quality of justice and the duration in which it is delivered would suffer a lot.

Health sector without the internet:

Less Technology Ailment: Due to the advent of the internet of things, it is nonetheless deniable that health has suffered a lot. Whether it's about eyesight or about people losing out their conscious indulging deep into virtuality, it all happens because of the internet. There is a massive overload of information coming out of the entire globe over the internet, and once people try to absorb that, the worst happens, which is, they get consumed by it. It makes them feel depressed. Also, spending a large number of hours on the internet makes human reflexes weak. So, not having such a connection will prove to be a boon for human health.

Research in the health field: Health of living beings is a fragile thing to deal with, especially in this pandemic year. And there's new research every day while we may not be aware of it. But when it comes to saving someone's life, every bit of it can help. Without internet, what we depend upon is the best local facility available for saving someone's life. But it is just an illusion. Maybe there is a possible treatment or a potential drug available which one can avail online or some other doctor whom one can consult to save one's life. So, that way, it is a boon for sure.

Science without the internet:

Innovations and Research:There are plenty of innovations and inventions happening all-around daily. But how do we know that? It is through internet that the world has shrunk down enough to let each one of us know about different scientific developments happening all around the world. Whether it's about Remedesivir or Hydroxychloroquine (the potent drugs for coronavirus), scientists have known about it by reaching out to each other on the internet. Such life-saving inventions help a lot. So, science without internet would be like living in a world without light.

Quick Hacks for Life:Scientific DIY hacks is something that is the best kind of science available online. And such little things relating to home science help a lot in the daily lives of people. It lets one understand the shortcut methods for doing a particular job. So, human independence is heavily dependent on the internet. Imagining life without the same would be the worst deal in today's time.

Conclusion:In a nutshell, the internet has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but this is a mere analysis of technology and life without the same. In reality, the future is already here. And we are compelled to be in trend with the help of the internet. So, doing away with the same is not an option. Life without it is not just impossible, but it's like shying away from the light. The future demands us to go virtual while not losing insight into our real world. So, the substitution of reality with virtuality is not a good deal. Instead, virtuality and reality complementing each other is something that is going to take humans to a new height!

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