Oxtrys Customer Reviews

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4.7 average based on 132 reviews.

Julia Stiles Image
Julia Stiles

They are the best VPS providers, reliable and cheap solution.

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Nicolas Vandiver

We are using them since last 7 months and so far no downtime.

Sandeep Ahluwalia

The customer support replies quickly and they always try to solve queries.

Meera Deshpande

I recommend this company. They only do VPS but best in the industry.

Friedrich Holz

They provide a trial server before buying the VPS. I love this feature.

Aman Wadhwa

Their packages are good but they need to improve their customer services.

Rohit Panwar

They are 100% reliable. Best VPS providers.

Arun Chawla

I was with them for about 6 months. I liked their services, but I found them quite expensive.

Ramakant Narula

All in all, it was a nice experience.

Satish Agarwal

VPS has provided me great deal of customizability and stability. I can install any software on this server without having any difficulty. I have full control on my server. I have taken VPS from Oxtrys, they are good with their services. They provide you good protection and live support. I am quite happy with my deal.

Paul Bell

I am using VPS with Oxtrys. They provide affordable optimized setups for any small business and WordPress sites, which are comparable to enterprise-level servers that costs you thousands of dollars. So, you get price-wise plans with excellent loading and uptime. Take their free trial for their VPS plans to have a real-time experience.

Gloria Ross

I liked their entry-level plans, you even get free trial to see how they work. I am good with monthly payments. Even I feel that Oxtrys has cheap servers which are unmatchable. These guys are available 24/7 at your service. Their network speed doesn’t give you any tough time. So, I find it quite consistent. All in all, well organized team.

Mayank Gaur

Not at all good.


They need to improve their services.

Gaurav Pant

They are apt in their work. If you talk to them about your business needs, they suggest you the best.

Brian Reed

Oxtrys VPS setups handle the traffic of your business pretty well. They provide you scalable programs with good RAM and online assistance. Even their loading times are very much satisfactory. Overall I found them good in their VPS services as compared to other providers. I will surely recommend these guys.

Jordan Davis

I did not like the standard plan after using it for some time. If you have a big business, you need to select plan that way. Now I have no problem on the higher plan that I am using. This team tolerated me a lot. I did not listen to them in first place, otherwise in the beginning only they offered me the suitable plan as per my business. But now things are sorted as I went with their suggestion. I found Oxtrys team quite knowledgeable. They suggest you best plan for your work. They are quite reliable.

Ryan Miller

I was on VPS service before also, the previous hosting company was very good in the beginning, but for past six months their services got worse. That’s why I moved to Oxtrys. Right now it is doing good, but I cannot say at this moment how it would be in the future. As long as they provide me good service, I will stick to them because my business works on VPS only. I have no other option. I just believe in giving the best services in my industry, so do I want the best for myself too. I hope they maintain their quality even in upcoming years.


They don’t generally give you discount on monthly plans. That’s why I took the deal for a year after their trial. I even got very good discount from them. Oxtrys is reliable VPS service provider.

Monish Balakrishnan

Great services!!! Free trial is their best selling point. It tells more about their services even before paying for them. I liked it and took the standard plan right away.

David John

Oxtrys has very good facility of dedicated servers for big setups. We liked it very much. Our work was more extensive and sensitive. So, we had to buy only dedicated Virtual Server Space. It gives you great impeccable uptime. We are happy with their wonderful live support. Good luck Oxtrys team!

Amrita Rai

Oxtrys provides DDoS which is an additional feature. They provide you higher security and keeps you safe from future threats by hackers. So, you don’t have to bother about it as they handle it all for you with a great deal of efficiency. Their VPS plans are also very competitive.

Rhea Singh

I didn’t like their live support. I many times faced delayed responses from their end, although their VPS servers are superb. I wanted to stick to their services, so I gave this feedback to them. They started responding my queries much more quickly now. It is sorted. I like their DDoS feature.

Rajiv Diwakar

The VPS services on monthly rental do not place much burden on you as you get your services on a monthly subscription. You can also any time stop the services as per your convenience because you’re not in a contract. So, I think monthly rental deals are quite awesome for small setups.

Bruce Sanchez

Not satisfied with the speed, withdrew because of that.


They do not respond to you immediately. I waited for hours and hours to get my problem resolved. Not a reliable customer support.

Helen Reed

For experience I just took their free trial. I am in online teaching. I think I have to think about it in future as I have other options to get my work done right now. But when I would be able to start my own business in a more professional way. I would use it. It is nice.

Manan Arora

I am no longer their customer, but I had a good experience with them.


We had a very nice experience on Virtual Servers. They really work very well. The productivity of our team has increased a lot with cloud technology. We are with Oxtrys right now. They have quite a supportive team.

Alliance Atlantis Communications Corp.

We are a broadcast company. We use VPS Servers to deliver our best services. We are on Oxtrys’ servers right now. Our service provider gives quick resolution to our problems.

Mahesh Arya

You can choose them without any hesitation, they are a team of knowledgeable and supportive professionals. Their VPS plans are also very good, you get good storage too.

724 Solutions Inc.

Windows Cloud Computing provides you full control on storage, bandwidth and all the other resources. So, you can have the same experience as the private server. At the same time, it saves you a lot of money.That’s why we have invested in Oxtrys and we are happy.


Their Linux servers support multiple OS like Ubuntu, Cent OS, Fedora, Arch. They have guarantee on the Linux plans. I was not sure about them. I read their reviews on Windows Servers, so I knew that they are doing good on them. But for Linux I was doubtful. So, I decided to take their trial. After trial I signed up for LS 200 with them. It is working fine.

Rohan Bhardwaj

I recently moved on Windows Virtual Server. I find it far better as it is cost effective and you have good live support option available. You really need a good VPS provider so that you can be tension free. I am quite satisfied with the services of Oxtrys. They have a good team.

Christopher Collins

Great experience with Oxtrys. Their VPS comes with excellent loading and uptime. Satisfactory technical support. No problem faced so far.

Ralph Allen

High-end support with almost no downtime. Good loading time too. It is nice.

Alexander Hayes

I did not like the loading time of Oxtrys. The same I told to them. I am glad that they fixed it for me. But they even told me to move to higher plan as you need to do it quite a many times because your business needs change from time to time. I think they were right, we could feel the difference after changing to higher plan. We are good with them so far.

Heather Patterso

I found Oxtrys’ products pretty comprehensive. They give you very good customer experience during the free trial and solve all your queries before you purchase any plan with them. I was concerned about the uptime. I want my websites to be always up and running. I got what I needed. I am good.

Bobby Evans

Your server is configured very quickly by Oxtrys. They provide a free setup also. You can get unparalleled speed on their servers. They give you free live support and a very high security. They also use DDoS.


We are a healthcare company, we are specialized in meditation. We provide our online and offline services to our clients. We are currently using Windows VPS Servers to enhance our online services. VPS is a very good technology. Our hosting company is Oxtrys. They have and efficient team.

Frank Griffin

Amazing speed and no downtime. What else do you need. They are superb.

Kayla Henders

I was a little unsure about the feasibility of VPS, but after taking trial I got convinced. I have been using the plan for a month now and I can say that it works very well. You can give it a try, it will save your hard earned money for sure. It gives you great uptime. Thanks very much Oxtrys team.

Digit Insurance

We are an insurance company. We provide almost all types of insurance services to our clients. We are currently using Windows VPS Server. This technology is amazing. Our VPS provider is Oxtrys. They provide a good customer support.

Susan Brooks

I had very bad experience with them.


I didn’t get very good uptime. My work was hampered a lot because of them.

Jane Butler

Oxtrys provides you insane speed. My friend recommended their services. So, I went for it. It is very nice. The team is commendable. I never had any issue with the speed so far. Live support is also good. Most importantly, they value their clients’ time, that’s what I like about them.


I just took the trial of Windows VPS server, these servers are remarkable. I found the configuration very easy. Well, I couldn’t take the plan because I wanted COVID 19 situation to be a bit relaxed. But I will take VPS plan of Oxtrys very soon. Their team listens to you very carefully in order to match with your requirement.


We are a European electric utility company. In our opinion, more computing power and stability are the key features of VPS. We are right now on Oxtrys’ Windows Dedicated Server. They give you good speed and smooth platform to work on. We are able to use the standard system on all our sites which is only possible with the help of Windows VPS Servers.

Manav Ahuja

I am not very happy with their customer support. There is always delay in fixing the problem of connection from their side.

Nitin Rohilla

I had to shut my business due to Covid. I did not do good, but I am glad that I made a decision to go with the option of Windows VPS plan with Oxtrys on monthly subscription. Otherwise, I would have had even greater loss. I did not need to invest much in my office setup using VPS. Right now I am not using their services, but it was decent. I may take their plan in future.

New York Broker Deutscheland AG

We offer individual, corporate and institutional clients traditional brokerage and investment advisory services. We took VPS server from Oxtrys. It works pretty well. The setup was very easy and quick. In fact, we got our setup free.


I was on VPS even before using the services of Oxtrys, but I was not very happy with my hosting company. I wanted to move to some other provider. Then I read reviews of Oxtrys. I was quite convinced with them. Finally I took trial with them and bought their plan right away. They have monthly rental, that works out well with me. Very good live support, good job guys!

Eric Butler

I took their game server. It is nice. They give you guarantee for giving you good uptime. They give you live support that’s a nice feature. Well, I took the trial for their other services, but I found this plan more suitable. I am enjoying it. Good work guys.

Kartik Mohan

I asked them to customize my plan, but they simply suggested me another one. I didn’t find them flexible with customers’ needs.


We provide financial services to our clients. We deal in many industries like education, travel, fashion, healthcare and technology. We can deliver our best services via cloud computing. It is the best technology I have ever used. Our hosting company is Oxtrys. They certainly have very flexible plans.

Theresa Brown

Cost efficient services. Servers are always up and running. Almost no downtime. They have very active live support. The plans are very well-designed, they suit your needs. They are knowledgeable people, they suggest you the best workable plan as per your requirement. Most of their plans have free trial. They leave no scope of any doubt. They answer all your queries very patiently.

Jacob li

We found Oxtrys very reliable, we use their Linux Virtual Server Plan. It is very cheap. It gives a very secure connection to work on. We have not had any problem with them so far. It works fine. You get free setup from them in almost every plan.

Robert Torres

Great speed and good live support!

Shashank Malhotra

I got good storage and RAM that too in a very less cost. I surely want to recommend them. I did not face any problem with them.

Rose Diaz

I used their standard plan for a month and dropped it the next month. It was not made for our business. They give you good customer support though.

Babylon Health

We are a health service provider and it is very crucial for us to give a 24/7 health service to our clients because their better health is our main objective. We have a large number of clients who may need us any time. We provide our services in the whole UK. We provide remote consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text and video messaging through its mobile application. So, we need the most reliable VPS services. We are with Oxtrys right now. They are really good. We believe that they are very particular about their services. They take the feedback positively and work on it. They are constantly making effort in the direction to improve their services. You can surely trust them.

Billy Martin

I purchased my VPS service after a thorough research on Google. It was really very confusing to choose the best among so many providers. You won’t believe I took many trials with different companies, some even charged me for that. But I just chose Oxtrys over others, these people value your time. They don’t make false promises. They talk about what they can provide. I was even reluctant about them, but I liked their trial. First of all, they charged nothing for it and I was not even forced by them to buy their services. They gave me time to think about it. After a month of my trial, I returned to them and bought their plan. It works fine. I am glad I chose them wisely.

Satish Jain

Their plans are made as per the needs of the customers, they are even ready to make changes in their plans seeing your requirement. I think they are quite reliable. You can try their VPS.


They do not respond to you immediately. I waited for hours and hours to get my problem resolved. Not a reliable customer support.

Mark Rivera

We are a new startup, we took a smart move, and we didn’t invest in huge in-house resources. Instead we selected Windows VPS. I have always been in love with Windows as it is there in the market for long. So, I did not doubt its VPS technology. I am using it right now. It makes our work better. My employees also feel happy working on this platform.


Windows Virtual Servers are great for new startups. They can have good and reliable infrastructure. I started off with Oxtrys somewhere around 6-7 months ago. My work did not hamper much in COVID also because my employees were able to work remotely via this platform. I am happy about choosing this technology. The good thing is that these people just charge you the monthly fee for their plans and nothing extra for the setup. So, it turns out to be comparatively more feasible.


I am into IT industry. Our industry’s backbone is highly secure and efficient servers. We cannot work without them. I always keep upgrading myself when it is about new technology. One can only grow in this field when one knows what is new in the market. I strive to improve my services from time to time. I am currently using VPS with Oxtrys. This company seemed genuine to me. So, I found them nice. I like only those services that run smoothly. They people are good at their work. I am facing no problem with them.

Ethan Gagnon

I kind of liked the VPS I am using with Oxtys. It’s Windows Virtural Server. It increases your efficiency. Its uptime is great and they gave me guarantee for it. I think it is worth it. You can use multiple applications on it at the same time. It has increased the speed of our work. I am glad to choose it over others.

David John

Oxtrys has very good facility of dedicated servers for big setups. We liked it very much. Our work was more extensive and sensitive. So, we had to buy only dedicated Virtual Server Space. It gives you great impeccable uptime. We are happy with their wonderful live support. Good luck Oxtrys team!

Judy Ward

I wanted to start my own website. I was looking for the best deal as I already knew about Windows Virtual Servers. I finally ended up signing the deal with Oxtrys. These guys are very good with their services. I got very good speed of internet. Their free trial and free setup are very good. I will overall rate them very good for their services because I as a novice did not have a bad experience at all. In fact, I am enjoying my work more now.

Sandra Hill

I have been working on Oxtrys’ Windows Server for about six months and a half. It’s an amazing technology. Great uptime and high security on almost no cost. Good live support. I am gonna continue using it, it’s super easy and very quick. Thanks so very much. Good luck guys!

Somesh Jain

Believe me it’s not for a business in which you need only two people to run it. I don’t know why I took it in first place. I dropped the plan after using it for a month. I can work even without it. If you have larger business, I think it is more beneficial, not for a business like mine.

Seema Oberoi

I am a Chartered Accountant. I have a large team of employees and clients. We have to work in order to meet our clients’ expectations. Everyone needs instant service these days as no one has time. So, it’s only possible with the help of Tally Virtual Servers. These servers make your work worthwhile. Using VPS is not complicated at all. My whole team of accountants like VPS more than what we had before. I like it because my work has become very easy. Now we have to make very less visits out of our office.

Gary Adams

I like 24/7 online support of Oxtrys. They are good in every aspect. Their uptime is great. Their plans are very cost-effective. They have plans to meet everyone’s requirement. I have taken Windows VPS plan with them, we needed forever up and running VPS without any downtime. Well, we got all what we needed. It’s been six months that we are on their service.


VPS is a good concept. It is good for both small and huge setups. I started my business recently. I did not think of doing good in initial first year. But VPS helps you give quality service to your customer. I expanded my business and now we have another small office in Mumbai too. VPS is a wonderful option. You can rely on it.
My service provider is Oxtrys. It’s nice working with them.

Sumit Shah

VPS is good for a small startup too as you don’t need much investment into the technology if you use it. I am using my VPS with Oxtrys. This works okay. You can give it a try if you want. They have free trial option available.

Ava James

I am good with the services of Oxtrys. They are giving their best in providing you with the most appropriate platform after understanding the need of your work. I got value of my money. I don’t mind spending a bit more for best services, so cost is not a problem for me. Believe me it is reliable and you can change your mind any time with these people.

Jay Patel

I am on the cheapest Windows Virtual Desktop plan of Oxtrys. It costs me even less than my utility bills sometimes. Their packages are very well designed and cost effective. I found their services kind of decent. I am going to stick to them. They provide you with good RAM and storage.

Ridhi Acharya

Tally servers are really phenomenal. They ease your work to greater extent. After using them I feel much more rounded. Technology can really transform your work. We have got it on a nominal monthly cost. Our quality of service has improved a lot. We have also got new clients from different cities. It was a good decision to move everything on VPS. Oxtrys team is nice.


Great experience with Oxtrys!
They have smart plans and efficient servers. They are flexible too. You can move to any plan as per your business need. I started off with advanced plan of Windows VPS. Overall, they provide good service.

Joe Williams

I faced a lot of difficulty on the VPS because I was a novice about technology and VPS too. I even gave a very tough time to the team of my service provider. Well, I must say they do understand their customers very well and don’t give up on them easily. They taught me many things about technology. I am very grateful to them. Technology like VPS is highly crucial for a business in this era. I would definitely recommend Oxtrys. It is actually worth your investment. Free setup is a very good feature on their plan. You also get live support. I think I am the right person to tell you that because I had its utmost utilization. Thanks Oxtrys and team.

Amol Parashar

We are just able to provide 24/7 customer support to our customers with the help of the VPS services we are on. We get a great uptime on it. Our team can always have up and running system. We have made a good hold on the market with the help of this excellent technology. We thank to Oxtrys team for their live support.

Bradley Rogers

Their trial is completely free, they don’t charge you anything upfront for that. I found them quite reliable. I even got a very good discount from them when I signed up with them for a year’s time. I think they provide quite a good response to you. It is fine, you cannot work in this era of cutting-edge technology without a good VPS according to me. So, you can try Oxtrys.


Windows VPS with Oxtrys works very good. There are many plans, you can go with whichever you find suitable for your workafter consultation. Companies who think it’s complete waste of money by investing on in-house resources, they will find VPS hosting better for sure. In my plan I got free setup of services, so I didn’t even give anything extra other than the rental for the plan.

Pallavi Matta

I have my software managed through VPS of Oxtrys. I can work very well. It is easy to handle your business from anywhere if you have a reliable service. I can easily see the graph of my business from anywhere. I am into multiple fields and I think this is the demand of time. So, you cannot sit at one place and you have to be always on your toes, but you can manage your businesses very well using VPS.

Rishabh Arora

I was about to start my new business and I was working on its setup. I read a lot on internet how to best plan and implement the infrastructure. Then I read about VPS. Virtual Private Server are fantastic. They do it all for you as a physical server placed in your company and I don’t even have to worry about downtime. I have my service going on with Oxtrys VPS provider. They are genuine people. They support you all through the whole process. I am glad I am with them. It’s my first experience and I would say it’s not bad. I am doing good.

Ramesh Pokhriyal

I am on Oxtrys’ server, it gives you unparalleled uptime. I have got my VPS service on the cheapest prices. Free setup of the service was another perk. All in all, I like the quality service provided by my vendor. I had a good market research before buying VPS. According to me, when you are going with Windows VPS, you don’t have to bother much. You can right away buy it, but yes you need to see if the vendor is good or not.

Naveen Joshi

I took Windows Virtual Desktop from Oxtrys for my work. I am into insurance sector. I found it good. The free trial made me buy VD50 plan. I believe Virtual Desktop plans are comparatively cheaper. I have my employees in remote locations, so I needed to ease out my work. It is always up and running. Good experience!

Ravinder Singh

I am quite satisfied with my Game Server with Oxtrys. Thanks the team.

Wayne Cox

We were aware of the excellent VPS technology. We were just comparing the deals and came across the website www.oxtrys.com. I found their reviews quite attractive and thought of giving it a try. After taking their free trial, I signed up with them and bought a plan that could go in our work environment finally. So far it does nice. We are good.

Gabriel Stewart

The loading and uptime is remarkable. The VPS plans are affordable and excellent. Free setup and trial facility are available. One can book the slot for the trial in order to have real-time experience. I did the same and then went for the lowest Windows VPS plan. I am fine with my server space.

Noah Tremblay

Windows virtual servers are good, you can work on them from anywhere. They are the best fit for 21st century. I liked this innovation because it has made my work very easy. I am a game designer. I get good speed on them. On top of this, I don’t have to worry about the security. It’s just great to work with Oxtrys. Thanks very much.


We are on Tally VPS with Oxtrys. We like their services. Our work is transformed as per the demand of the market. We are enjoying working with them. Our clients are happy with our quick services. Work from home is much easier now. We were able to do some cost cutting with the help of virtual server. So, it is very good overall.

Joshua Diaz

We are into telecommunication. We recently moved to Windows VPS. We can work like crazy on it. We are at our customers’ service round the clock, we needed something like this. It is reliable, cost-effective, fast and secure. Oxtrys does it all what we were looking for. Good job guys.

Aniket Sharma

There are options to choose your Operating System from. They all have their own features. Windows servers come with very good speed and uptime. You will definitely be benefitted if you move to them. I have taken my services with Oxtrys, they provide you with good support.

Jose Gonzale

My vendor has many good plans available to match with your changing needs as your business grows. I was on a standard plan of Windows VPS initially, then I moved to higher plan. So, I did not have to bother much. Well, I am pretty happy with the services of Oxtrys and I will definitely recommend them in future. Thanks for inviting me to write the review guys.

Samuel Mitchell

In the beginning when I purchased the plan from Oxtrys, I went with entry-level plan, but then I found that I need to switch to another plan as per the requirement of our company. After moving to one level up, we got what we were looking for. I think choosing the right VPS plan should be done very carefully. Of course, the service providers know it better than you. So, I think taking their suggestion is helpful. But if you want, you can try that on your own as well. Oxtrys has all the plans on a very cheap monthly rental. One can try any plan and then decide to upgrade. They provide you with the upgrade as you like. Try their services, they are quite knowledgeable.

Bryan Sanchez

Data security of course improves if you put all your data on a server which is hosted by a vendor. Not everyone can afford to have one at their own work place as it demands a huge space and a lot of maintenance. I basically like the idea of VPS.Moreover, I am not into technology, so I don’t know how to deal with complications. I just left it to my vendor. VPS providers are good in handling all such issues. I am an MBA in finance, I just want to focus on numbers. I am good with Oxtrys. Their Windows VPS server is just marvelous.

Willie Scott

One who is looking for more than a basic host and is not in a situation to afford a dedicated server, then I believe VPS hosting can be the best option. If you select virtual private server, you don’t need to deal with complexities as this is done for you by your vendor.If not used one yet, you can give it a try.I am using my services with Oxtrys. They have good coordination with me. I like their working style. Check their plans out at www.oxtys.com.

Ruth Powell

I am in fashion industry. I have people who work remotely. We needed better platform to access common resources. I was looking for one. I came across a web link, where I read the reviews of Oxtrys. It sounded good after talking to these people. I filled the form on their website and soon I heard from them. I was not sure how Virtual Machines work. I must say, I really took a lot of their time. But finally I came to know the real use of VPS. I think this is the best technology. There is almost no difficulty in using it.

Vivek Pradhan

I have a small call center, we constantly look for cheap and best service in the market. So, we took Vitual Windows Server from Oxtrys. Right now, I have 50 seaters setup, we are planning to grow in near future by making it to 100 seaters. We talked about the future expansion with our service provider. It is easily possible on VPS. So, I think we don’t have to bother about it. We are able to put our energy in the planning of our business growth. I am getting 24/7 free live support whenever I need it. So far so good.

Natalie Coleman

Well, Oxtrys does not take your card details for free trial. This is what I liked about them. It is very transparent to work with them. I took their standard plan of Windows VPS right after taking the trial with them. I found the team quite professional. They help you throughout with the free setup. Good handholding. Loved it.

Samuel Perez

I am on Forex Server of Oxtrys, I am using their advanced plan. This technology has a bright future. It works very smoothly. There is hardly any problem with it. My main motive wasn’t cost cutting, it was actually getting something more reliable even if I have to pay more. But luckily I ended up signing the deal with these guys. It is very cost-effective. I would love to be on it.


I am a technology freak. I am into IT industry. I need highest security for my client. I am currently using Linux VPS Plan with Oxtrys. I was satisfied to take the plan just after my trial with them. I was not sure initially which one I should go with. But on their suggestion I took this in which they give 100% SSD. It’s not expensive at all. It gives you good security. I am good with it.

Roy Nelson

Oxtrys has all what you want. I like their plans. They are very cheap. They have good customer service. They provide you reliable connection. I am using VPS for the first time as I have just started my new startup. Earlier I worked in some companies where there they had their on-premiseservers. I can’t even imagine to have that technology as it comes with very high cost of maintenance. Moreover, you need to hire extra manpower for that. I found today’s virtual server concept much better and more convenient. Your vendor handles all the security related issues very efficiently, you need not worry about that. I also got free setup in my plan.

Philip Thomas

Best Cloud Server company, supportive and knowledgeable team.

Edward Clark

Fast and high quality VPS servers, amazing uptime and wonderful live support. Keep up the hard work team.

Allan Cook

I am on their Virtual Windows Server. I think this technology is awesome. It’s not only Oxtrys, but any service provider as long as they provide you best services. It’s just marvelous. I kind of liked this team. Their deals are very competitive. They also provide good live support. Keep it up.

Atul Bhatia

I have few cafes all in different locations. I use Windows Virtual machines for using CRM and billing software. I can access all daily transactions from the comfort of my home. I hardly need to visit them in person. I think this technology makes you smarter as you are able to keep an eye on your business graph via using VPS. I like it. I have no problem with my VPS provider.

Kathleen Rogers

We have Windows VPS for our school setup. It is fantastic. We never have any problem with our website. Online admission, fee payment, and examination are many services we have to provide to our students from time to time. We cannot imagine our work without cloud computing. We are completely driven by technology. We have taken our plan with Oxtrys. In my opinion, it is a reliable company. They listen to you and give you good service. They are knowledgeable, they guide you as per your requirement. You don’t have to bother much when you are on their plan.

Randy Baker

After being with so many hosting companies, I must say that I found Oxtrys as the best VPS providers. It’s been long that I am designing websites for my clients. I don’t like poor service at all as it spoils my image. But right now I am content with Windows VPS. The live support of my service provider is amazing. The uptime is great too. It’s been about six months with them, no problem so far. Good service guys, keep it up!

Austin Cox

We are into financial services, we have to be active round the clock and seven days a week. We cannot compromise on our technology. We have got our VPS from Oxtrys and it is working very smoothly. We can do our work on virtual machinesvery nicely. We don’t even need extra storage because our vendor has provided us enough. You don’t need to invest much in resources which allows you to completely focus on the profit of your business.

Brittany Torres

They provide you very quick resolution. Their server works exactly the same way as they show in trial. They provide you free setup and live support. They provide good uptime. They deal in a variety of servers. You can any time upgrade your plan with them, they are quite flexible.

Johnny Thompson

Best platform to work on. Wonderful experience, their VPS runs very smoothly. They have cost-effective plans with great uptime and consistency. Quite promising services with live support. Very polite team and ready to give its best in all possible situations. You will get value of your money here. Good luck!

Vinay Agarwal

I did not like their packages. I needed less services on monthly rental. These people don’t give you any discount on their monthly plans.

Deepak Rai

I like cloud computing technology very much. It makes everything very easy. I got my Virtual Server from Oxtrys about 5 months ago. I deal in development and marketing of software. We just needed something more reliable. We got nice people too. They believe in actions. They are giving best service. I usedVPS with many companies before. But I think the customer experience is much better with my current vendor. Their live support is the plus point.


I have a small setup of call center, we definitely want cheap and best service in the market. So, we took Vitual Windows Server from Oxtrys. Right now, I have 50 seaters setup, we are planning to grow in near future by making it to 100 seaters. We talked about the future expansion which is easily possible on VPS. So, I think we don’t have to bother about it. We are able to put our energy in the planning of our business growth. I am getting 24/7 free live support whenever I need it. So far so good.

Denise Bennett

Oxtrys is quite efficient, setting up server is just matter of few minutes with them. They have very good plans. Even I found their standard plans very nice. They provide good RAM. I didn’t have to pay anything for the setup. They always give you quick service as they understand the value of your time. All in all, they are good with their services.

Marie Price

We are on Forex Server with Oxtrys. Their servers are reliable. They provide good speed, we are able to provide the best services to our clients just because of the server we have chosen. Excellent uptime and competitive prices. From configuration till date, we have faced no major difficulty with them. They are very good with their services. We wish you all the very best!

Vinay Dabral

Upgradation with Oxtrys was really seamless. I experienced it recently when we changed our plan. We had no downtime and we were able to work even more efficiently after the upgrade. These people are quite trained. Very good technical support.

Rohan Chaturvedi

We are a health insurance company. Our work is dependent on technology. We have VPS from Oxtrys. All our work is done via it. Ours is a setup of about 500 employees with branches in different cities. We never faced any difficulty with our vendor. They are very supportive and understanding. Their services are also good. I likes the way they have designed their plans. Monthly rental is also not very high. We are getting best of the services on a nominal outlay. Overall, Oxtrys is good.


I found the good deal with them but the price was a problem, so I did not go with them.

Anil Kumar

We needed the top level of security and excellent customer service. That’s why we considered many options, but finally we went with Oxtrys as we found them quite reliable as the VPS host. We never have any difficulty with them. They are knowledgeable and good in their services.

Margaret Bailey

I am a blogger and I have quite a few websites for which I wanted more reliable server plan. I found Oxtrys’ trial quite helpful as it gives you real-time idea of how VPS will be working like if you’re on this service. Well, I liked it in first go. The team takes delight in treating their customers the best. They explained many things related to my work. I am on a higher plan as I needed the great uptime, so that my customers don’t face any problem with my websites. I think I got what I was looking for in a very economical deal. I am good with their services so far.

Jesse Jackson

Great services!!! Plans are really wonderful. I have got more than the value. My employees can access the resources from any part of this world. My employees are able to work more efficiently with the help of VPS technology. I am quite satisfied with my vendor. They take care of our server. Oxtrysteam has good energy.

Sunil Singh

Oxtrys provides a superb support. Their knowledge speaks about them. They suggest you the best deals. You can help your workforce better if you take their advice. Their VPS plans are very cost-effective. I found their commitments quite realistic. I used their standard VPS plan for a month and then I took the membership for a year right away. I even got a very nice discount from them. I am quite content with their services.

Amit Tripathi

What I like about Oxtrys is that they don’t see whether they are hosting their services for a small or large company. They believe in giving quality services. I never had problem with down time and I even got a very good storage also. I am happy with my VPS services.

Jacob Brown

It’s very difficult to compare between the two and you cannot compromise on the quality which you give to your clients because that’s how you can succeed. Well, I liked the plans of Oxtrys. I was very much aware about what I needed. But it still took me a while to come back to them. I did complete market research and thought of giving try to the VPS of Oxtrys as cost-wise it wasn’t bad. Eventually I started liking their services. These guys are dong nice work.

Satish Narang

VPS servers are very nice. No much expenditure. You get own set-up like benefits in it. Plus point is that you don’t have to worry about security as it’s not easy to breach these servers. One needs to pay monthly rental only and all the responsibility is borne by your service provider. I got a very good team of Oxtrys. They are very professional. They believe in giving their best. I don’t face any problem with them. Earlier I had a lot of issues with my previous vendor. But my current hosting company is far better.

Henry Wright

VPS is going to change the market in a decade’s time. Also, there could be hike in its prices. The plans which you can get very cheap now, may soon go up. So, this is the best time to get the deal. I got one this month after the situation improved because covid crashed the market here in my town. But looks like thinks will improve now.

Aaron Wayne

Oxtrys is a talented team with excellent Windows servers. They will give you what you are looking for.

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Germany (Europe) Serving the EU countries from our German datacenter gives great benefits of minimum latency and cost-effective solutions.

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USA (United States of America) (Middle – St. Louis (Missouri), East – New York, West - Seattle (Washington DC)) America & Latin America can take advantage of our fast USA datacenter to deploy their applications and websites.

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United Kingdom

Portsmouth, England (United Kingdom) It serves all United Kingdom customers with great satisfaction, very robust infrastructure to handle the high-end traffic.

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Singapore & India

Singapore (Asia) Serving the Asia continent with our Singapore give us immense pleasure to see our customers succeed in their cloud business which runs on Oxtrys platforms.

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This datacenter is built for Australia and Oceanic country users who wish to have their servers close to their business location so they can avoid the latency and enjoy our world class datacenter services.

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Japan datacenter is built on high technology which gives its users with fast connectivity and low latency. The hardware used in SSD drives with top notch Xeon processor, must choice if you reside in Japan or close to it.

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