We at Oxtrys try to keep our customers and its employees happy. Since its acquisition of an IT company, its growth and revenues have increased and showing consistent growth. It acquired the company for its VPS services and excellent IT Infrastructure.


Oxtrys is a new venture formed in 2018, to acquire the IT Company and its clients. The directors and investor saw a great level of potential in the services and hence acquired the company in 2018.

  • WorldWide Customers

    The growth of company is very promising; it has made 3000+ customers from different countries.

  • Dedicated Team

    The team is consistently working to provide great services and support to its customers, keeping the price as low as possible.


We take care of Upgrades, Maintenance and Security

Oxtrys maintains the entire data center infrastructure throughout the year and invests big amount on money to keep it well maintained.

Personnel on site 365 days a year, also on holidays and weekends. Priority and emergency support available.

Upgrades to latest technology in web-space is well taken care of at Oxtrys.


Powerful Infrastructure

  • GermanyData Center
  • 200 Gbit/s Internet access
  • Multiple chillers (n+1)Air conditioning
  • In-house transformerEnergy supply

Our Data Center


Munich - Germany

Nuremberg - Germany

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Our Prestigious Clients

Oxtrys Clients
Available VPS Datacenter Locations

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Germany (Europe) Serving the EU countries from our German datacenter gives great benefits of minimum latency and cost-effective solutions.

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USA (United States of America) (Middle – St. Louis (Missouri), East – New York, West - Seattle (Washington DC)) America & Latin America can take advantage of our fast USA datacenter to deploy their applications and websites.

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United Kingdom

Portsmouth, England (United Kingdom) It serves all United Kingdom customers with great satisfaction, very robust infrastructure to handle the high-end traffic.

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Singapore (Asia) Serving the Asia continent with our Singapore give us immense pleasure to see our customers succeed in their cloud business which runs on Oxtrys platforms.

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This datacenter is built for Australia and Oceanic country users who wish to have their servers close to their business location so they can avoid the latency and enjoy our world class datacenter services.

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Japan datacenter is built on high technology which gives its users with fast connectivity and low latency. The hardware used in SSD drives with top notch Xeon processor, must choice if you reside in Japan or close to it.

Available Dedicated Server Datacenter Locations

Our Datacenters Location

Oxtrys DataCenters Map