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  • VMLG101
  • Intel Xeon X3440
  • CPU Quad-Core
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Storage 1080 GB SSD
  • Nvidia GeForce GT710
  • GPU RAM 1 GB
  • 120 Mbit/s port
  • 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
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GPU Dedicated Server

A server with a dedicated GPU (graphics processing unit) is a server that has a separate GPU for faster speed and processing. A GPU is known as a graphics card. It is a dedicated circuit that speeds the rendering of graphics of video, games etc. on a computer. It optimizes mathematical calculations rapidly while making the CPU free to perform other tasks on pc.

How a GPU dedicated server is more beneficial?

When you rent a Virtual Private Server with a GPU, you get direct access to the GPU. Although, it will still work on the same server which is primary on which the other VPSs are working. However, a GPU dedicated hosting server is your private, personal computer. It can be used for anything you wish to do, be it AI, gaming or even machine learning with the help of high-performance SSDs.

GPUs are of two types:-

  • Discrete Graphics Processing Unit- has its card and memory.

  • Integrated Graphics Processing Unit- has shared memory with CPU.

Features of GPU

  • Better 2-D or 3-D graphics rendering.

  • Digital output to slim panel monitors.

  • Mapping of texture.

  • Supports high-end graphic software, e.g. AutoCAD.

  • Renders polygons.

  • YUV colour space support.

  • Overlays of hardware.

  • Decoding of MPEG.

How do GPUs help in a server?

They perform parallel processing on a scale. However, it was designed to boost and manage the power and performance of graphics and videos. In addition to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they are also being used for video editing apps.

Our team uses enterprise-grade ultra microservers with a super powerful 8-Core Intel Xeon Processor, which guarantees ultra high-level performance and ultra-superior server hosting experience. You are guaranteed 24*7 support by our backend IT experts.

Why get a GPU Dedicated Server from us?


The GPU dedicated servers we offer are guaranteed to handle high-speed AI, ML, and gaming tasks with high performance and reliability. You are always supported by our backend support team of experts of GPU 24/7.

When in future your business gets growing exponentially, then you will need to deal with high traffic. For that, additional resources support, like SSD, SATA, and memory can be added as per your need. You can get your plan upgrade anytime with us through our expert IT professionals.

High Availability

Our GPU dedicated servers are being protected and monitored around the clock with an unlimited power supply and network support. We ensure 99.9% uptime. Guaranteed in our Service Agreements.


Our 24x7 on-site technicians around our completely locked cabinets for the servers guarantee you full physical security. All of our GPU dedicated servers are kept behind a firewall which prevents them from being attacked by hackers. We also provide an additional hardware firewall option for extra protection.

Admin Access & Configuration of a server

Our GPU Dedicated servers provide you with administrative access to the server machine. You can customize the options of the server environment according to your choice and business operations. You can install and configure any app or software.

What Makes GPUs More Powerful?

There are many ways to improve the performance of a dedicated server. But what makes GPUs so powerful?

3D Processing Means Powerful Processors

GPUs were designed originally to crunch numbers for graphics processing tasks including, video game design. It is an extremely difficult task for the uninitiated.

In video games, vectors, atmospheric effects, lighting, and physics have to be calculated at high speeds. Calculations have to be performed simultaneously, so a processor must be able to handle these tasks.

The advantage of using one of these instead of a CPU is that you have much more focused power for processing.

Increasing Speed in a Better Way

The CPU prepares a cache to help it cope with multiple operations going on at once. The cache reduces latency, but to do so, it must wait for RAM to become available before starting the task-in-waiting. This method isn't foolproof.

While the CPU is caching one operation, the GPU can move on to a different one, since it is a bigger, fully-integrated part. In addition, GPUs have their cache memory, which allows the processor to address another operation while the former is cached.

Additionally, GPUs usually have hundreds of cores instead of a few complex ones, allowing them to use thousands of hardware threads simultaneously and maximize floating-point performance. Comparatively to a CPU, they can perform many small operations required in machine learning or cryptocurrency mining.

Two cooks competing to see who can make a sandwich the quickest might compare it to one having one arm and the other having two. While both are skilled and will accomplish the task, one of them gets the job done faster simply by having two arms.

Better Power Consumption

Generally speaking, GPUs tend to be more energy-efficient per watt than CPUs for the same workload. The benefits of better energy consumption aren't just important to corporations that consider themselves environmentally friendly.

Modern businesses face several challenges regarding energy efficiency. Saved energy can save businesses thousands of dollars in operations costs, each year. The same thing works for individuals as well.

Using GPUs, you will use less energy (and do more) than you would with a CPU-only system. Lower energy costs are beneficial to you.

Your application will not save much energy if it is not optimized for GPUs if your task is better suited to a CPU.

Why Us?

They are mostly exceptionally experienced experts in this field who have worked on every big innovation. These experts have preparation and experience in programming.

At Oxtrys, we ensure you receive the best information and assistance. Our specialists are available to you 24 hours a day, every day, so you can get all the data you need. We offer different types of assistance and data about what is the most ideal decision for you. A well-thought-out administration with solid information can offer the best assistance. Indeed, even if you pick any assistance and encounter issues, we can help you with settling them.

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